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Vinegar Creek Constituency: Off-mic Ravings

People are often flummoxed by the last word in our name. In fact, I'm not sure I could have come up with a band name more thoroughly flummoxing to the people at large if I'd tried (which, incidentally, I did not). The word "constituency" is long, unwieldy, and has too many small, moving parts that might be harmful if accidentally swallowed by children. Some brave souls attempt to deal with this monstrosity of a moniker on its own terms, often resulting in fascinating accidents. Here are some of my favorite creative substitutions I've heard or read:
Vinegar Creek Contingency
Vinegar Creek Constitution
Vinegar Creek Conservancy
Vinegar Creek Conspiracy (This one originated with a live radio performance in NY state. Months later, at a show in New York City, the same variation appeared on the bill. Apparently, this conspiracy is based in the Empire State).
River Creek Constituency
Vinegar Creek Conservatory
I'm pretty fond of these variations; they show that people are using their heads to [...]
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